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fact is that i'm unable to know if the decompressed file has the right length or not.
For instance, your tool has the same bug no matter the file your insert after modification.
it adds a pattern of 0000 or more at the beginning of the file, even if i have clean it before. but it seems it also add some bytes at the end of the file, this could explain the corruption (bytes or instruction shifted in memory, leading to crap).

vitaly's tools are actually making it like this : 1) i extract the LOB packer files. but 2)you have to xfddecrunch all of them one by one. It seems to be more correct as it is.
i have redone all the patches with vitaly's tool, and it seems good know.

there is a cosmetic bug i have discovered, and which is present on the original disks, when you're doing the old caves under the old fart's house, the triton palette is defective, the colors are wrong.
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