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I had a C64, and 2 of my best friends had an Amstrad cpc, so i played a lot on the CPC too, and even programed on it also.

I definitively think the C64 was/is a better machine. I always saw the Amstrad like a PC, and the C64 like an Amiga. The cpc had a good processor and better graphic resolution/colors, but the c64 the better sound and MUCH better animation possibilities (hardware sprites and 1kb screen scrolling).

It is impossible to do a game in 50ips on an Amstrad on a full screen scrolling, while it is very easy to do on the C64. Even 25 ips on the Amstrad was hard to do, the screen was offten reduced to a smaller window. the problem is that you had to move 16Kb on the Amstrad if moving the whole screen, while you only had to move 1kb on the C64, or 2kb if moving the extra color screen too.
Then there are the hardware sprites on the C64, wich made it impossible to beat by the cpc who had to draw them with his processor, while the C64 just had to change a single byte or 2 to move them.

There is something else that probably played a big role in C64 users preffering their computer to the Amstrad CPC. The games looked much better on a Real Cathodic TV than on the PC kind of Monitor that the waste majority of Amstrad users used.
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