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This is a programmer's, not a player's viewpoint. Although 50 fps is perfect, 25 fps remains a decent speed for most games...
I don't think so, if we are talking about horizontal/vertical scrolling games. I (and many here too as i noticed) hate Amiga 25 (or less) FPS games. Even if some are really good like most Bitmap brothers games, it's not 100% joy to play them. Exact 25 FPS gives you a blurred scrolling, less or unstable FPS a jerky scrolling. Not acceptable for arcade/action games. A lot of CPC games also uses a very tiny viewable screen and no music at all to save performance.

...and less than that can be ok for certain games, depending on the concept
Should be good enough for single screen games. But they even sucked in porting e.g. Bubble Bobble. Also the nice looking fan remake shows an awful sprite flicker.

Yes they were. I played them all. Take Zombi for instance, the first game released by Ubi Soft. It went out on Amstrad CPC in 1986 then was ported to other platforms (Amiga, C64, Spectrum) only in 1990. For a 1990 game it was average but for a 1986 game it was just great! Fer et Flamme was an excellent RPG for a personal computer. L'Īle (also Ubi Soft) was a clever graphic/text adventure game. Cobra Soft released a lot of detective adventure video games which were for the most part quite well made. See also Erebus by Titus (their first game), Alphakhor by Loriciel, Les Passagers du Vent by Infogrames. Another very good graphic/text adventure was "Les Passagers du Temps" by Ere Informatique. Etc.
Zombi was quite OK but surely no classic like the complete Bard's Tale series or Wasteland on the C64. Les Passagers du Vent? More like a digital comic, very boring. Will have a look at Fer et Flamme.

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