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NetSurf for AGA

Originally Posted by attila06 View Post
Very strange i thought that Roadshow was faster, but that's not true.

Tested both Miami and Roadshow (Twice) with the same sites results are here (time to display the site):

Miami / Roadshow

Eab : 62 sec / 72,6 sec : 44 sec / 51,2 sec
Amigaworld : 36,6 sec / 43,9 sec

Tested with my 3c589 on my 1260 60Mhz, 64Mo.

Someone can confirm ?
I will do other Tests, i have a doubt......
Are you saying you measured the time to access the websites (using the two different stacks) from the time you clicked on the URL until it loaded? Or did you use some test of an averaged speed (let's say a set download or averaged complex communication)? Even a simple ping crosses a dozen nodes there are back and gives just a snapshot figure.
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