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I've only heard about AmiTCP being faster; that using X-Surf with the new drivers of Jens:

Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
Users on have reported a speedup with AmiTCP that Roadshow can't keep up with (over 42% speedup).

This new device has an optimized transfer routine, but I did not expect it to be *that* much more efficient. Since I don't have a test-setup here, please do some load tests and report how fast and how reliable you can go with V1.4.

BTW people were talking about problems installing NetSurf, and now I've had them. Something about it can't find a drawer. Also:
Originally Posted by bbond007 View Post
I think finally tracked down all of the files needed to run this thing, or not...

I get SDL : no available video device...

What am i doing wrong?

It seems it tries to find Env in Sys:, to copy the video files, and you are surely using Env-Archive, so just copy those files there from the installer. Dunno why I didn't have those problems first or perhaps I was using another installer. Anyway, I had those files already there in my AmiKit conversion.

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