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Originally Posted by dlfrsilver View Post
C64 was such a best choice, that it flopped out badly in france.
It didn't worked because people here were not attracted by the colors / look / overall.

French prefered the CPC because it had this mix between Workstation and game machine mix. The word spread out very fast in engineers circles here. So much that on 100 people, you could find back in the day 80 having an amstrad CPC. C64 anyone ? Nooo !!!

Otherwise, we were very fond of the amiga, because it brought up Speed AND colors !
it was the best of both worlds.
I remember that the C64 was much more expensive than the CPC6128 especially if you include the color monitor. At the time in France, I could find maybe one C64 for 10 CPC at my school mates' places. Probably because the Amstrad CPC was a "supermarket" machine widely distributed at a discount price and in the opposite, the C64 being a "connaisseur" machine with a much higher price (well, I won't talk about the Apple II...).

Now, there's no photo between the two machines regarding performances: the C64 was a rolls-royce with its great sound, scrolling and sprite. The colour seemed to be a bit dark/ grey or something on a TV, though. Something I could improve later through emulation using palette loading.

And well, I've not seen many ZX Spectrum back in the days. Maybe one that didn't work well, uh.

Anyway by the end of the 80's, I chose to wait two more years to get the A500. I found the 16bits, including the Atari ST, way more attractive !
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