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---Was the C64 really better than Amstrad CPC? Why do some people say that Spectrum was better?---

Hahaha the old war resumes. C64 wins of course, but the only reason of this is sound and music. Let's figure out why.
Ermh, no. Music is important for games, true. But the main reason why the C64 wins in the game category so easily is simple. It was designed as a video game console, and later Tramiel ordered to extend it to a full computer. Hardware scrolling, Hires sprites AND the good sound chip. All that things, that are important for creating good arcade games, lacked the CPC.

This points to the true reason why C64 didn't sell very well in France. Of course it was not that French people have bad taste - hey, they bought so many Amigas that they can't be bad! It was just that Commodore at that time didn't consider France as one of their primary objectives and they didn't bother opening a subsidiary and/or finding a good distributor/reseller here.
I agree. If the French gaming freaks would have had the choice....

...simple ports from Spectrum were a lot cheaper to do than full redevelopments for their home markets. That's just basic marketing strategy.
True, but the C64 also sufferd from some ports that looked like running a Spectrum emulator on the C64.

The article says "Too bad too few graphically-heavy Role-Playing Games were produced." - but in France we had plenty of them in French language, unavailable in other countries. That was another good reason to own a CPC here.
Another good point, also some nice graphic/text adventures. But were they all that good? I know that especially French magazines overhyped games tremendously.

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