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The general consensus is that the shield doesn't fit over the MKII. Most that want to refit their shielding simply cut away everything that goes on top of the Indivision. I did it slightly different.
As stated in Jens post right after, care should be taken to make sure there is no contact between the shield and the pins on the back of the Indivision, and, the cable shoe for the ground may short out the capacitor below it. I got away with it. Anyone else doing it the same way has to verify that they do to.

I have since added a "cut to fit" thermal pad on top of this thing, a 3mm one, meaning it's only just thicker then the space i had between the highest points on the Indivision and the RF shield. Mostly to make sure that transport and banging the Amiga around won't cause it to short out in the future, but also to counter the heat issues some others had, i never got that far, and still haven't, i still need to install the latest software, and update to more "useful cores"
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