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Originally Posted by majsta View Post
They should remove everything they promised and didn't produced. I m so sick of their promises and the bombastic prices that I just had to go into hardware development. It is cheaper for me to invest in research and development of Amiga to PCI bus than to buy one Mediator.

I almost agree with You at one exception - software - issue are drivers and this is not limited to Amiga but overall to all open source/DIY projects - simply lack of specs, "security by obscurity" - this protect "precious" secrets - nowadays even RAM chips full datasheet are not easily available - other example - Raspberry PI - nice, cheap HW to for example create Amiga Ethernet board with TCP/IP stack to release MC68K or even to run web browser, accelerate video, create virtual graphic card... lack of datasheets and all you can do is use simple frame buffer without acceleration etc etc etc.
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