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Originally Posted by dlfrsilver View Post
i have never touched anything else than the files with text. I have not touched yet the executable.

Both german (v1.05) and english (v1.07) releases have the bug and/or trigger it.

Fact is that at first i play like i'm free to do what i want to do, and i go where i want to.
This game is not linear, so let's play like this
Well, while playing the game and testing my stuff I have re-visited dungeons, travelled a lot around etc, but I have never seen those bugs.

Originally Posted by dlfrsilver View Post
BTW st-th, will you post where to patch the files for the herbs on kire's moon ?
The plants you can find in the wilderness on Kire's Moon are stored in "Save.#?/Chest_Data.amb". You really only have to edit the Save.00/ one, since that file is used when you start a new game. (Of course, if you want the plants to work in an on-going game, you have to change the proper Save.#?/ as well.)

Format is:
.B  number of items ($FF = **)
.B  number of charges ($FF = **)
.W  flags
.W  item number

Save.#?/Chest_Data.amb/236:  01 01 0000 0148 "Sparkling Mushrooms"
Save.#?/Chest_Data.amb/237:  01 01 0000 0147 "Blue Stalks"
Save.#?/Chest_Data.amb/238:  01 01 0000 0146 "Longish Leaves"
Save.#?/Chest_Data.amb/239:  01 01 0000 0145 "Bright Flowers"
Save.#?/Chest_Data.amb/240:  01 01 0000 0144 "Aromatic Herb"
You only have to change the number of charges from $00 to $01 to make them work.

Some plants appear in shops (Save.#?/Merchant_Data.amb), but those all had the charges count set to $01 already and thus worked properly iirc.

You will probably be interested in this one here as well...

2Map_Data.amb/422    Sansries Tempel / Sansrie's Temple

  $0003D2: $72 -> $73    staircase up -> staircase down
This took quite a while to find and fix, but it paid off, because I learned how the levels and their maps are stored. That knowledge will help to fix some other stuff eventually (like the double-button in the bandits cellar).

Oh... Make sure you patch the proper sub-files . I think the tool you use and my own count them differently.
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