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RCK has added an Amiga Lore link to the EAB. As Leffmann says many visitors go to EAB or one of the other sites directly and have never visited itself. The idea of Lore was to act as a portal to all of the websites and to add some new features, such as lists and ratings. Additionally, I incorporated some of the smaller websites, like aGTW and APoV, into the main Lore website.

As well as increasing visitor numbers I need to revisit the website frontend and to make it less like a Windows application. As is probably obvious I'm terrible at website design so if any designer is interested in helping to make it look better then please get in touch!

I also need more help adding content to the website. For example, the encyclopedia and help sections need to be expanded. It also takes a long time to produce the interviews because of the need to track down people, research the questions and write articles.
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