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It can't be an hardware fault, because i play regularly with whdload installed games, and they all work as intended (i mean as they always did).

My amiga is cold this morning, and i can reproduce the errors as much as i want.....
they are always triggered the very same way.

It's not the first time it happens. Your character for instance gets stuck on the map, and impossible to let him move even if you sleep. This is an internal game bug (met on v1.07)

But here with the german release, the amiga is going "kaboommmm". Just to say that when the spider bug happens, if it crash, it does it so bad that i don't get a guru error. the amiga gets the graphics all trashed, and then i have to power off the amiga to get the control back.

Should i add that i can even reproduce this kind of bug under winuae ?

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