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DosBox v0.74 AGA 68k Port

As some people know, one of my projects was to bring the current version of DosBox over to AGA 68k (nothing like a challenge and I managed ok with my ScummVM ports)

Unfortunately I discovered without some specialized ASM skills (which I lack) it would never be much use on real hardware because it's so friggen demanding

I did spend a few months working with Matt Hey trying to get an ASM 68k softcore working but we never quite got there unfortunately, read all about it here -> DosBox Core

Rather than simply throw away the 3+ months work that I spent porting and optimizing this port, I thought I might as well upload it to the Zone so people can see what could have been (using WinUAE).

It is compiled for 060 but seems to run ok if you sent WinUAE to 030 + FPU.

Oh well, can't win them all

Interesting note, this port has been built using my new AGA SDL

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