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(Edit: Prowler you know me, and you know what my optimism has given me: My A1200 BPPC/BVision project, my C64-Mini ATX project -main computer by now, posting with it-, the Mas-Player for sale and my AmiKit for Real on the web... This starting with Amigas 3 years ago.)

I will say why he should:

-I'm not (of course) the only one asking for it, people likes it... Novacoder, Fitzsteve, Mfilos... (Heavyweights, Lol)
-It's faster (and less memory) than HighGFX. The most important to use an ACA with the Indi MKII.
-Has the perfect size
-It uses (here) Pal-Interlaced, 800x600. Anything younger than the Indi design.

Edit: He told this also:
Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
SuperPlus: This mode was released after the Indivision AGA MK2 was released. You can't expect me to support this and maybe more modes for all times in the future. I might do it, but at this point, we have "known bugs" to fix first. I'm happy to collect information...
"Known bugs" have been fixed, that's the reason why the Indi is for sale again (thats why I post this), and about information I'm giving it... Pal-Interlaced, 800x600. I'm just "working" for the "I might do it"... (Please )

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