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there are a lot of "8bit wars" videos on YouTube that compare 8bit version of many games. all the systems win and lose on those comparisons. you're free to check for yourselves.

from these videos one can gather that, usually, the Spectrum wins on basic sprite look, the CPC on colour pallet and C64 on speed and sound, so it's a weird mixed bag really, with all the systems having their strengths and weaknesses.

but what i must really stress here is this:
"People get very emotional when comparing games on the Spectrum and the Commodore. This is only reasonable and expected, everyone has these memories of their first experience with these computers and games. It would be impossible to compare games on the two computers with people’s personal opinions based on their experiences when they were very young." (Philip Koekemoer, 2006)

he said, eloquently, what i tried to say before: the 8bit wars were tainted by emotion. it's rather hard to strip ourselves of these emotions when looking back. i am a former Spectrum owner. i never owned a C64 though back in the day i secretly wished i had, though i would NEVER give up my Spectrum for it. but now that i tried them both extensively via emulation, i prefer the Spectrum games more often than not. this probably has something to do with nostalgia but just as nostalgia influences and biases my perception of things, so does it influences and biases your perception of things. so, in the end, the machines that win, they win for each one of us individually. you cannot separate gaming experience from emotion and a simple scientific look at the games will not show the whole picture.
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