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having experienced it back in the day, i can say that the Amstrad CPC was a very competent machine and had some aspects of it that were better than both the C64 and the Spectrum - its main competitors of the era.

the CPC never really got a hold of a significant share of the market, though, for some reason (i think that here in Portugal it had to do with the lack of an official release, though i'm not sure of this. they were very rare here). this meant that the games were very hard to come by and when they were available, they were more expensive than the C64 or Spectrum ones.

back in those days, i only saw a 464 once and, later, a GX4000 console and in both instances i enjoyed playing on them and came away convinced that they were superior to the Spectrum, the computer i owned. at the time, the Spectrum's bitter rival - the C64 - was viewed as being faster and with more colourful graphics and was considered, by most, to be the best of the 8bits, though some people preferred the MSX.

much later, already in the emulation age, i tried the CPC again and found that most games look, indeed, better than the Spectrum ones but they don't play better. most are slower or less responsive. maybe it's not the machine's direct fault and it happened because of the aforementioned Spectrum -> CPC conversions that more-often-than-not were lame or maybe it was due to the also mentioned lack of sprite control, but the CPC games don't "feel" as good as the Spectrum ones. the C64 had blockier graphics, yes, but the CPC ones weren't free from them at all. though less blocky than the C64 ones, they are much blockier than the Spectrum's.

all in all, i think the CPC falls short to both the Spectrum (gameplay champion of the 8bit) and the C64 (technical champion of the 8bit excluding the MSX2 and the consoles) but was a respectable gaming computer none-the-less.

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