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Originally Posted by johey View Post
Jens: Would you please comment on the idea of having more flexible multiplier settings for upscaling the picture as suggested in post 2231 ? Thank you in advance!
No need to comment - that's scaling, and Indivision AGA MK2 was never advertised to scale the picture. You get better results by "building" yourself an output screenmode that doesn't trigger scaling bugs in your monitor.

There are more important things on the Todo-list for this flickerfixer. I don't accept feature-creeping - just like I don't accept having to add screenmodes that are younger than the flickerfixer design (such as SuperPlus).

Adding scaling (even of the "simple kind" that was suggested) requires changes in both the core and the config tool, plus testing, rolling out a new set of cores and an even longer list for documentation. That's a good four project days, translating to 7600,- EUR plus VAT, so we end up slightly above 9k EUR for an added feature that's only required because of a scaling bug in a monitor.

If you think that's worth it, you're free to provide the funds. There are lots of things we could add to the units that are already in the field - it's just that the people who actually do it need to be paid.

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