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CPC was an OK machine, but definetly not superior to C64. The video ram was always 16k big and there were no smooth scroll registers. So to scroll you had to move the whole 16k of ram around and that was impossible. Some of the best games on CPC don't feature smooth scroll - like Gryzor, Prehistorik 2, ...
It did have 24 colours but they were even poorely chosen than the c64 ones... if the c64 looked to brown-greyish then the CPC looked way too brightly colored.
As kamelito already mentioned - most of the games were poor ZX spectrum ports which featured 4 colours. It was ok for isometric 3d games (Knight Lore, Batman, Head over heels) which had a few more colours on screen - but again - this was not done properly most of the times and looks strange.
In the end it meant that you were much better off owning ZX Spectrum or C64 back then... the games were just better on those machines.
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