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Originally Posted by dlfrsilver View Post
i have playtested Luminor tower. The problem is not with stairs, they are OK. Your character when you go down the floors (from 3rd to 2nd) is not correctly positioned. Instead of having the 3rd floor stairs behind you, you have the 2nd floor stair instead. This gives you then the false impression of having the stairs swapped.
So you're saying you get to the bottom of the stairs and are instantly rotated 180 degrees? That doesn't match my memory but it makes sense.

Originally Posted by dlfrsilver View Post
As you can see, the spider gives you 86 bucklers, when it should not, and it shows a mix of hexa and ascii crap, and clicking on EXIT doesn't work.....
Wow, I have never seen that. There is a chance I could have completed the dungeon without killing that particular one. This happens with the original v1.07 game files?

Can you provide dungeon location for that particular spider?
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