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Non-linear yes, but some people reported problems in both v1.05 and v1.06 in returning to dungeons which were not really intended to be returned to. Monsters would re-spawn when they shouldn't and walls which had been pick-axed away have re-appeared. Only cosmetic bugs. Nothing like what you've experienced.

My games were very similar to the one you described here, except I didn't visit the Thalion office or use any Thalion characters as at the time I didn't know about this cheat.
Strange, because i have been returning in places where i've been before, just to test also. I never meet these problems. Broken walls where still broken, and monsters not reappearing at all.

But it has been a while since I played. The only graphical glitches I can remember were in Luminor's Tower where sometimes the stair gfx for up and down were swapped.
i have playtested Luminor tower. The problem is not with stairs, they are OK. The problem is elsewhere In fact, your character when you go down the floors (from 3rd to 2nd), he is not correctly positioned. Instead of having the 3rd floor stairs behind you, you have the 2nd floor stair instead. This gives you then the false impression of having the stairs swapped.

Which Amiga are you using? I played through entirely using a 2Mbyte A500 plus with 8Mbyte Fast RAM & GVP HD. Later an A4000 with A3640. While I have used WinUAE I never played the game through using emulation.
I'm using an A1200 with 32mb of fast and a blizzard IV turbo board with an 68030 @ 50 mhz. But i also have a GVP 8mb of ram hard drive for A500 at my disposal.

Counter related?
Yes, it looks like the item counter has made a buffer overrun. Some things in the instructions are not dealt correctly here. I have been able to reproduce the problem under winuae by the way.

Please look here :

As you can see, the spider gives you 86 bucklers, when it should not, and it shows a mix of hexa and ascii crap, and clicking on EXIT doesn't work.....

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