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when i start the game, i pick the shortsword, and then i go to spannenberg. Why that and not the cave ? because the character is too underpowered, he breaks it quite easily, and then you have nothing to fight with.

I prefer to kill the bandits, get the money, go to the trainer, train, sell the jackets to the merchant at the east of the city, and then once i'm good enough, and once i bought horses, i go to the bandits house, i fight them, pick the 4 golden horse shoes,
then i get the tools from tolimar, and only then i go back to the old-fart cave.
Note also that i pick Netsrak and mando, but i let them alone, only my character is fighting (to get as much experience points as possible). i have also to say that i only picked the thalion characters, not the objects in the chests.

i met a bug of the same kind when i met the tornaks. there was graphical glitches.....

The game is non-linear, as such there should be no problem. the bug is counter related, and there is a sort of corruption happening.
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