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JetHunt AGA - coming 2013...


After having much more fun coding the Amiga version of Timebomb, I've been working on my next Amiga release.

JetHunt is my remake/tribute to H.E.R.O. which I started on the Amiga in 1992 (!) and released finally last year for the PC. After my conversion of Timebomb went so well, I felt it was only fair to release JetHunt for the machine I started it on.

The game will require AGA but is already looking quite good. It uses a dual playfield display with a main 16 colour hardware sprite and 256 colour titlepage and status bar. I've had to make a few changes to the PC version, the screen scrolls a little so all I had to do is halve the res on the gfx but I think that makes it look even better.

Still lots to do. This will take a while but I'm sure I can do it. [ Show youtube player ] is a youtube vid of it so far running in WinUAE.

PC version is here.

Fingers crossed....

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