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Getting protracker 2.2a samples from PC to floppy and working

Oh Boy!

This will be a long thread. There are several ways to get files to an A500 from a PC. Bearing in mind that some may only work with a later KickStart/WorkBench, It would help if you had a full install of OS 3.1, your PC has a serial and parallel port (a Catweasel MK3 or 4. -- unlikely, but miracles do happen), and a recent copy of the AmigaForever CD or DVD. With a PC parallel port, search for "the fastest, easiest,.. way to transfer" and Greek guy "Ikonsgr" who has a solution for this problem. You can use a PC serial port and the Amiga Forever transfer program, although you need to have the program also running on your A500. With a Clockport adapter you could add a Subway USB to your A500. With a CDROM drive, you could read CDs but you would be looking for a SCSI or IDE solution and a HDD. With a modem, you could connect to the Internet and download the files directly.

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