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100hz screen with vsync


I've tried 100hz screenmode in winuae and ticked "vsync", the result is that sidewayes scrolling games (like Jim Power) or fast scrolltexts from demos's still "jitter", so that it doesn't look very smooth. If I select a 50hz screenmode and tick vsync then everything scrolls really smooth, i.e. like the real thing.

Now I've once seen Tony comment in a forum that the 100hz was meant for people with big monitors, that they wouldn't have to suffer the flickering of 50hz. Does that mean that fast sideways scrolling in 100hz with vsync should be as smooth as 50hz, or equally as smooth as the real thing?? Because with me the 100hz mode isn't as smooth as 50hz!

Question: Have people here run their winuae in 100hz with vsync ticked and do fast sideways scrollers look completely smooth?

Thanks, because I really like to get the 100hz screens to work properly!

Thanks for any help,
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