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All support cases solved to a level where no customer reports a "showstopper". Still a bit of work to do for documentation and fixing smaller bugs, but we get a display on pretty much every monitor with satisfying results. That's enough to say sales continue today!

Like I mentioned a few weeks ago, stock is pretty low and pre-orders must be served first. All of you who have pre-ordered with the reseller of your choice, please check and re-confirm the order with the exact computer type that you want to use the flickerfixer in. Reason is that the new production run of the A1200 version does NOT fit the A4000T out of the box any more, so please ONLY order the old version if you really have an A4000T.

The new version "Indivision AGA MK2cr" uses a different connector for the DVI cable. It gets in the way of electrolytic capacitor CE164C in the A4000T. If you want to use the new version in the A4000T, you need to replace that capacitor with a lower-profile ceramic type.

Other than that, the new production run uses the exact same circuit as the old one. Same CPLD contents, same flash/config tool, same resolutions, same socket, even the protection diodes and memory chips come from the same spool. The components of the small DVI-connector board have now moved to the main flickerfixer, and the DVI cable is a molded type now.

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