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Developing on retro hardware in return for sales? Hmmm... interesting concept. I doubt it'd be a winner though!

The fact is, games that are available on Droid and iOS are barely that much better or more technically advanced than some Amiga titles. In some cases, far far less!

If you're after money, develop for iOS (everyone pirates on Droid!). It's hard to jump through Apple's insane hoops, but at least if your product sells, you see cash money for it Droid, although I prefer the OS on the whole, is a loser if you want sales. I only mention these as it's easier for a single person to develop for these platforms. Though there are a lot of low-budget PC titles around these days.

If I'm paying for a game, I want awesome graphics, enthralling gameplay and sounds which make my KRK Rokits sonic boom me! That's scarce on the PC these days, all we get is rubbish console ports. But when it does come along, I'm happy to pay for it! So, to me, the concept of paying anything more than a fiver for an Amiga game this day in age is a little out there...
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