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Re: Re: Basic Question about AmigaOS 3.1

Originally posted by Akira
I disagree with Paul here, for uninstalling an Amiga app is very easy. You just delete the program's dir, delete a startup sequence line (if any exist) and that's all, in most cases. If files are copied to L: or LIBS: or DEVS:, you could delete them too if you know which ones they are. Most programs installed with Installer give you the option to log actions to a file, so just by reading the log you would know what to delete.

Anyway, if you just delete the prog's dir, you won't fuck up anything, like in Windows

I agree with you on a real Amiga but it's a bit more difficult on emulation.

If you are new to the Amiga OS and just use windows then it's not so easy.

I said to delete via windows to stop the problem of not being able to delete files from within workbench due to windows being a pain.

I suppose if you only used hdf files then you don’t have this problem.

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