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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
He's remembering incorrectly. It was done by a Russian coder who created the Ambermoon tools I sent you.
actually by Ukrainian

over ten years ago I've sent to you this tools and fixed .amb files.
sadly I lost all this files now - my A600's HDD has died and all files/sources related to AmberMoon fixing was lost (

I have backup of my old TheBat email base and I can recover sent files, but not sources (afair I sent to you only compiled tools).

PS: is there any account deletion policy due unactivity ? I is/was registered here a long time ago, you can notice me in Mr.Nutz unreleased MegaDrive port thread (yep, I'm the guy who compiled that game from leaked Turrican3 and Mr.Nutz sources), but my account here was deleted

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