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Re: Basic Question about AmigaOS 3.1

Originally posted by Tbird
1. How do I get a background picture, I have Scalos 1.2b?
Scalos has a preferences panel for this. Check out sys:Prefs/Scalos (sys: being the partition where you installed your WB!).
2. What is the best dock tool for AmigaOS 3.1, because I tried to use tool manager and when my dock was completed there come up an icon on the desktop and is stuck (Couldn’t move it) and I want to have all my docks in one folder called Games?
ToolManager is the best, but I also had problems running it. Dunno about how good are the others, AmiDock might be OK.
3. Was it the best program to unpack LHA files?
The commandline LHA is. If you don't like commandlines, you can download WizARC from the Aminet, this is a GUI for LHA and other archivers (you will still need the LHA commandline executable for it to run, and I think it requires MUI). Another archiver GUI that works fine and doesn't need MUI is Archie. I use it in my A600 and it works great.
4. I have downloaded alot of Icon Packages for games, how do I use them?
Use Paul's method or use NewIcon's included CopyIcon utility.
5. Is Scalos the best Workbench Replacement?
Not sure, I don't use it.
6. How can I make a Startmenu like I have in AIAB and Windows to PC?
With programs on the Aminet like AmiStart or something like that. Do a search for start menu and many will pop up (why you want to have this piece of garbage in your amiga is beyond me, though )
7. How do I uninstall a program in AmigaOS 3.1?
I disagree with Paul here, for uninstalling an Amiga app is very easy. You just delete the program's dir, delete a startup sequence line (if any exist) and that's all, in most cases. If files are copied to L: or LIBS: or DEVS:, you could delete them too if you know which ones they are. Most programs installed with Installer give you the option to log actions to a file, so just by reading the log you would know what to delete.

Anyway, if you just delete the prog's dir, you won't fuck up anything, like in Windows
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