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4. I have downloaded alot of Icon Packages for games, how do I use them?
Install Icon Image copier

Goto the bottom half of the page (scroll down until you see the title
Using Icon image copier for OS2.0-3.5) at:

Uncompress your icon package to a temp directory, run Icon Image copier, drag and drop your new icon onto copy on workbench desktop screen, then drag the old icon to change onto paste (also found on workbench desktop screen)
5. Is Scalos the best Workbench Replacement?
7. How do I uninstall a program in AmigaOS 3.1?
Not very easily. You have to delete each file by hand and sometimes have to delete a line from the startup-sequence or user startup. I would make a backup of your hdf file or directories from windows (i.e. your workbench.hdf or the root directory such as games) and then try something out. If it goes wrong then delete the hdf file and replace with your backup.

To uninstall a game you installed to a HD-Games directory, goto that directory via windows, open hd-game find the directory with the game name and delete the file named (i.e and megaball folder)

Hope this helps

Get back to you on 1, 2, 3 and 6 (after I worked it out) unless someone else steps in and helps. (retro, Akira? )

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