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Basic Question about AmigaOS 3.1

Ok, I have just installed AmigaOS 3.1 by myself and have some basic question, that I hope someone can answer:

1. How do I get a background picture, I have Scalos 1.2b?

2. What is the best dock tool for AmigaOS 3.1, because I tried to use tool manager and when my dock was completed there come up an icon on the desktop and is stuck (Couldn’t move it) and I want to have all my docks in one folder called Games?

3. Was it the best program to unpack LHA files?

4. I have downloaded alot of Icon Packages for games, how do I use them?

5. Is Scalos the best Workbench Replacement?

6. How can I make a Startmenu like I have in AIAB and Windows to PC?

7. How do I uninstall a program in AmigaOS 3.1?

Thanks Anyway
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