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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
I'd say that's a good compromise.
Totally Agree. I can run Shapeshifter in interlace PAL 8BPP mode and get decent video speed. About 1:1 with a Quadra

Running in multiscan mode will cut that figure in half making the video feel sluggish.

Also keep in mind that Commomore's Amber in the A3000 had the same type of interlace motion tearing on the VGA in interlace mode.

I was playing with the interlace video in Virtualdub(Windows PC) to try and eliminate motion tearing as much as possible when I was running the A1200 with AmigaManiacs SVIDEO into a USB capture device. Even with all of the options that software had I don't think one would totally eliminate it without causing other annoyances like blurry text.
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