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This game is just.....


I didnt even know it existed until i read this thread, im always on the app store but the game never stood out for me.

Ever since sensible soccer football games have appeared trying to "do a sensi" and they turn out to be rubbish.

From the moment i started the app i just sat there listening to the title music, its not just a football song, its also a really really good tune! i just sat there tapping my foot and loving it.

The game started and i was pleased to see plenty of options, touch screen controls are usually awful to play games, especially football. This game feels so easy to pick up, liquid smooth graphics, good sound, lots of fun to be had. Im playing on IOS but im now going to download the version for android and play on my s4, i hope it supports joypads (USB OTG ps3 pad plugged into usb port) if not please add support in next update.

Well, im off to play football now thanks for this amazing game Thefoxsoft!
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