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Originally Posted by OlafSch View Post

I support every effort to make new software for our platform and it is totally ok to expect money for years of hard work. I will support it. It would be nice if you could give more informations (screenshots, youtube-video, demo-level...). And of course test it on AROS 68k :-).
Sorry, I typed "contemporary" where I should have typed "current"

My bad: I was defending the principle that, as you says in the paragraph after that, work, while may be offered for free, is not free per se, and therefore even if the talk is about developing a game for an old Amiga, it should not be "expected" for free, and I'm saying that as one who has helped with a few language translations of Amiga games here on this board and offered to do art for free for modding Amiga games I liked.

The very condivisible question you ask, though, is for mikrucio, not for me, because I don't have anything to do with the game he may do or has done and that is the object of this thread; my choice was to develop a game for a current platform, PC, even if our game has a retro style.

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