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I would happily pay money for an Amiga game of sufficient quality, but I think it unlikely any could really happen. Definition of triple AAA given earlier in thread of big box, manual, nice intro, good music, effects, gameplay, great graphics/presentation is surely too much to expect from someone doing it in their spare time. Family life, day jobs, other interests all get in the way. Seeing a projetc through to completion is very hard in these parameters.

However, I think there are games already released in the past couple of years for free of sufficient quality for at least a budget £10 or so price tag (maybe more?) - bean bag, sqrxz, for example. Stuff like Downfall is very good quality shareware, maybe even worth a budget 5 - 10 quid price range? Offer me a nice calendar cassette case with inlay, floppy disk with a nice label stuk on (if the game fits on a floppy that is haha) and I'd happily pay some money to get my hands on it. I have such hard copies of my own games I've developed for SAM and Amiga on my shelf, they could do with some company.

I'm rambling but AAA game isn't a realistic target in my opinion, but decent budget quality is. Do it for the love the platform, yes, but for the cost of a few pints why not take a punt? People have put their blood sweat and tears into it afterall. There seems to be a thriving (relatively) market on other platforms c64/speccy etc, so why not Amiga.
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