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Originally Posted by Marcuz View Post
Agree to disagree? all right, no prob, but still I have not heard a reason behind your (and other people) position, that doesn't revolve around: since it's dead, it's free, and to ask for money is a rapine.

And sorry if I'm going OT, but I guess this was more or less OT from the start...
I do employ my time (also) on developing a game, with a coder, for contemporary platforms.
The coder works on the engine since a couple of years I guess and I since roughly a year.
I do design, story and actual graphic, so narrative, which happens to be also the content of my profession, but it could be not and it would not change anything with the game getting out, as still it, the game, would be valued, or not, and tied to whatever perceived pricetag, because of what it would be and not because of what I may do.

So I put tons of hours in this game and tons still are required, not because it's a cash cow, because it will be not, but because I really want to do the game, right. Does that mean that I should give my time for free? I don't see how, in whatever way my interest in the game or the platform for which the game is intended factor in the equation.

Ok, offer and demand balance: so if the demand is limited the work should be free? Demand don't even exist yet before the desire for a product is created!
On this very board there are news about products sold in 2013 for emulators only! And people evidently spend money on that!

Yeah I agree to disagree, all right...

I support every effort to make new software for our platform and it is totally ok to expect money for years of hard work. I will support it. It would be nice if you could give more informations (screenshots, youtube-video, demo-level...). And of course test it on AROS 68k :-).


People that want to revive the platform have to support the programmers that really do something. If people do not want to spend any money and reward people for their hard work will make the platform to pure retro where we can discuss about what Commodore did wrong and play some ports. If we want more than that (and users were partly responsible too by not buying software) then we have to support the developers.
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