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Originally Posted by robinhood2013 View Post
Okay, that seems to work so far, as far as Workbench 3.1 is concerned. But now I have another question: How, if possible, would I accomplish the same thing with a game that uses speech synthesis (e.g. Earl Weaver Baseball)?
you are a lucky one with this game. the disk is in normal DOS format (Earl Weaver Baseball (1987)(Electronic Arts)[cr BS1].zip).
just exchange the libs/translator.library with Translator.library v43.1
if this works you can also add the english accent file to disk-image:
folder/file to disk-image: df0:locale/accents/english.accent
maybe this works. not tested lists: "Earl Weaver Baseball (Electronic Arts), 80% complete" - not yet completed.
maybe the "trick" does also work with this slave, once it is finished and available.

Edit: i changed translator.library only on "Earl Weaver Baseball (1987)(Electronic Arts)[cr BS1]" still works, winuae a500 kick 1.3
with narrator.device from workbench 2.04 it crashed. using kick 3.1 on that a500 emulation, game loads, but missing mousepointer.

Originally Posted by prowler View Post
That's an unexpected result - astonishing even!
yep, the results are really good, thanks goes to the authors of the packages

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