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Because of the way the parser is dealing with the texts blocks.

If you understand how to correct valdyn's bug in luminor's tower, then you should understand too my clean-up. Because it works and respect in the very same manner the way the parser runs.

just to clarify :

You've removed the empty text block. Ok. => YES
You've reduced the number of text blocks in the header. Ok. => YES
Message #13 becomes Message#12. Ok. => NOP

There is no more 13 messages for the parser to deal with. Only twelve.

Logically too, if there is no text inside the block, this means that the program won't try to access it.

From the test i did, the parser is not dealing with text blocks as if they were coded in absolute offset, but relative offset.

This is exactly what allows us to translate the sentences. Otherwise it just won't be possible, and the Valdyn bug just couldn't be corrected.

@Cyberdruid :

Because the script are not clean, that is why. When you have a game that has something like more than 60% of its text ridden with crap, typos, headers incorrectly declared, badly terminated sentences, there is some clean-up to do.

I'm actually playtesting all the parts of this game, and for the moment, everything is fine (aside my own orthograph faults, and the errors i get here and there).
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