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Originally Posted by dlfrsilver View Post
I have no reason really to invent errors which are in fact not. My goal is to clean and propose something which has the least bugs or crap possible.
There are many minor issues and some may be quite difficult to fix (like plants you can grab in Kire's moon but just don't work ; I also experienced a random crash of the 3D engine). You're gonna have a real big time if you're willing to fix them all...

Originally Posted by dlfrsilver View Post
Because whdload is more than a program slave driver. It has internal functions which allows a whdload coder to find programming error.

CFOU for instance has used this to find the error in Ishar 2 AGA and then correct it.

Without this, finding the error would have been really awfull.

The goal in the end is of course to patch the executables But why doing it the hard way when you have a tool to help ?
Using the tool for yourself is something, forcing other people to use it too is something else.
Do people like long preloading and/or OS swaps ? Personnally I prefer avoiding these when possible.

So a private debug slave is fine, a public necessary one isn't. I think this is also the opinion of Alexh.
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