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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
If this is true then how did I finish the game without seeing any?

They cannot be everywhere? Can they?

It feels to me like you've potentially found some typographical mistakes inside the game files which are in themselves harmless to gameplay? If they were not then I'd have never finished the game many times over would I?
There are more than a half of 1map_texts.amb archive which have crap inside.

There are also quite a bit of typos, crap, errors in 2Map_texts.amb,

The worse archive is 3Map_texts. I had to clean something most of the files.

You have finished the game, ok. But this doesn't obliterate what i have found.

Mind you, i have opened ALL the archives, and CHECKED all the files by hand ! And it can't be the tools i used since some files have crap and others none. Look : fact is the english release has missing texts (not included or wrongly terminated). You bet i was shocked when i saw that the crap i was speaking above was also sometimes accounted wrongly in the text characters....

[quote]Text not appearing is another matter. We should identify these and fix them. There cannot be too many, certainly non fundamental to the game, as I didn't find too many plots confusing.

[quote](However until I've seen them first hand I shouldn't really comment. I'm sure you're right.)[quote]

I have no reason really to invent errors which are in fact not. My goal is to clean and propose something which has the least bugs or crap possible.

And why a WHDload slave? Why not patch the original files?
Because whdload is more than a program slave driver. It has internal functions which allows a whdload coder to find programming error.

CFOU for instance has used this to find the error in Ishar 2 AGA and then correct it.

Without this, finding the error would have been really awfull.

The goal in the end is of course to patch the executables But why doing it the hard way when you have a tool to help ?

For instance the nasty bug which is crapping out the game on my computer needed to be catched by whdload, in order to get the adress where the game code fucks (happens in the old fart cave, and also in the alchemist tower).

When i say nasty, i mean that i can fight any spider in lyramion, whatever the place, once i win the battle, the game "explodes", with either graphic mess all over the screen, or else you're stuck, the object proposed has a huge quantity like '86', the game says 'no, no, you can't quit because you need this object really ' and you can do the 3 fingers call on your amiga.

@ ST-TH :

Sure. The first .w specifies the number of texts in there, so $0000 would mean "no texts". However, none of the original files has that as far as I remember, apart from the ones where the texts were missing completely and thus had 0 texts in them (whirlwind and, I think, the device in the ruins on the forest moon).
Even here, the whirlwind text doesn't exist, it was not included in the archive 1Map_texts.amb. Pure and simple.

I use the amberworld tool (from sourceforge) because it allows to see the files insides the archive. And then when i check,
you can't imagine how much texts have "00 00 00 00, number of texts blocks". the 2 16 bits words '0000' must be cleaned otherwise you're going for troubles.

I have added all the missing text parts, included the one about the device in the ruins.

As I said, esp. in 3Map_Texts.amb there are several empty placeholder strings. These consist of $20,$00 or $34,$00 (not sure; $34 = ’$’ = Ambermoon's "no-breaking space"). These must NOT be removed, or you fuck up the order of the texts.

A few examples for empty placeholder strings (all in 3Map_Texts.amb):

file 315, msg #10 / file 320, msgs #10 and #11 / file 325, msgs #10, #11 and #12

All of these MUST be kept, and none of these files has declared the wrong number of texts (neither too many nor too few) as you implied earlier.
i will test this with my save game as soon as i can. It's illogical to have empty strings in the middle of the text.

So i will see what happen once i'll get there.

As said above: $34 = ’$’ = Ambermoon's "no-breaking space". It's used in places where the parser shouldn't wrap the text, and I use it a lot for formatting purposes in my own versions of the texts without any problems at all.
i found this '34' only in two texts in the whole game.

The only special markers used by the parser are :


Out of those, the rest is crap bytes.

A hexdump of those parts would be more helpful. There WAS crap in some of the texts, indeed, but that was mostly "cosmetic crap". As I said, I've seen all the messages during regular game play, and none of them crashed the game or caused problems, except for the really corrupted and missing ones.

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