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on aminet there are some related tools and also patches for the translator.library.
they add the possiblity to use accent packages for different languages. not tested, just sharing information

TranslatorPrefs V2.2
Multilingual translator lib replacement 42.4
Patches Translator42.4, 43.0 to Translator43.1
Huge USA English Accent File
other accent packages

edit: i tested myself. winuae a1200 040 wb3.1 setup.
i copied the narrator.device from workbench 2.04 to my devs: folder.
installed Translator42.4 - this comes with some accent files.
applied the patch to Translator43.1 library.
copied the TranslatorPrefs V2.2 to prefs folder.
within the prefs program you can enter some text and translate it.
here i could hear a difference, when using "?" and "." at end of sentence.

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