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Originally Posted by dlfrsilver View Post
Sorry Alex, but there are bugs inside killing the game. I have written them in a notepad, and CFOU will kill them with a special whdload slave In the english version, as said above, there are texts which won't appear, or which will crash or make the game going bad.
If this is true then how did I finish the game without seeing any?

They cannot be everywhere? Can they?

It feels to me like you've potentially found some typographical mistakes inside the game files which are in themselves harmless to gameplay? If they were not then I'd have never finished the game many times over would I?

Text not appearing is another matter. We should identify these and fix them. There cannot be too many, certainly non fundamental to the game, as I didn't find too many plots confusing.

(However until I've seen them first hand I shouldn't really comment. I'm sure you're right.)

And why a WHDload slave? Why not patch the original files?

Originally Posted by st-th View Post
It doesn't rhyme like the German version does, and it doesn't have that "jovial feel", it's... MEH. When I re-worked that text, I came up with this [SNIP]
Very good. Having never played / read the German I would never have picked up on this.

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