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Ok for the elevator, it doesn't appears, indeed.

About the texts, i made some tests, and also because when translating, i made some mistakes, during the playtesting, i got texts bugs.

here they are :

if the script files when decompressed has crap like :

00 00 00 00 00 03 00 1B 01 AB

instead of

00 03 00 1B 01 AB

the text in the game doesn't appear or is making a text shifting (displaying the next text just truncated)

next, if in the script file you have something like 20 00 20 00 20 34 20

the parser will hate that because the text can't be NULL. this must be removed.

The parser can only deal with correctly set number of text block, texts block with no errors inside, and no 34 20 something. 34 is not a value the parser can deal with.

Same about the crap at the end of the script files like 20 00 20 1A 57 7E. The three last bytes must be removed (i have met script files where they were even counted in the header, which is completely wrong).

The parser handles script files like this

nbr_of_texts_blocks,textblockX_size,textblockX+1_size,textblockX+2_size,textblockX+3_size,......,20 (marker of the end of the header and beginning of first text block)

and about texts blocks here we are :

20+'text-text-text'+20+00+20 (this exactly how the header count the very one text)

any shit like

'text-text-text-+20+00+20+34+20 is prone to make the parser failing (it's a simple one and very stupid)

About the errors, i met so much that i have cleared them out (aside the ones i wrote on the forest moon) without writing those on a paper or in a notepad text file. After all translating such a game is a pharaonic task, so i let someone else take care of the english release.

Concerning the riddles, well, here is what i used from the german text and my translation :

Je ne reconnais pas le son de ta voix,
tu ne peux donc pas entrer là!
Mais si tu me dis le mot voulu,
Je m'évanouirai sans rien dire de plus!

Tu es assoiffé?
Tu recherches du vin?
Bon alors bienvenue,
poursuis donc ton chemin!

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