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Originally Posted by TreacleWench View Post
Am I missing something here? When on the desktop I do notice artifacts on the mouse cursor when it's moving but I have never noticed any artifacts in any games. And I play Pinball Dreams alot!
Most games are not running in interlaced mode, thus there will be no problems.

@Popocop: A PAL monitor can show interlaced properly, thus there will be no artifacts. An LCD could do it as well to a large extent, but then it would be flickering.

Wikipedia writes this about deinterlacing:
Deinterlacing has been researched for decades and employs complex processing algorithms; however, consistent results have been very hard to achieve.
Deinterlacing is a compromise, and there is no definite 'correct' way of doing it. It can be compared to Intelligent Frame Creation methods, which are found in most modern TVs to make video move smoother. It may work for certain clips, but there are always problems with it and it can't work generally.
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