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Originally Posted by Neil79 View Post
So how close are we to having an almost fully working WHDLOAD eng version of Ambermoon, fully translated?
It's already translated by Thalion themselves. The game has it's own HD installer which works out of the box. There has been no need for WHDload.

The original files were very playable all the way to the end. I've done it several times myself. But it had one or two bad bugs which would spoil the gaming pleasure if you ever came across them and hadn't saved in a while. You can play all the way through and never hit one.

The worst bugs in the English version have already been patched and Meynef has released his own patch.

If you're thinking... "I'll hold off playing for a while, till it's fixed". No need. Download the disks. Install to your hard drive. Apply Meynef's patch and enjoy playing it.
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