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Originally Posted by mikrucio View Post
These days yes, teams of 50 -100

but not for such a simple system such as the Amiga.
Even the biggest games on the Amiga were only made up of about 5 guys.
over about 1 year. don't forget Another World was made by ONE guy. over 2 years.
Yes but what is the motivation for charging?? - although 42 people have said they would pay - this would probably drop to 20 at best when game is released - if sold at £15 would give you £300 total sales revenue.

This would be £60 per person for a team of 5 for a years work
Or £12.50 for each month for an individual taking 2 years to make a game

All the above figures exclude cost of making manuals / boxes and printing on physical 3.5 disks and postage costs -

If the game is available only a digital download then very unlikely to receive £15 for the game.

If there is a game in development it would make more sense to follow the old shareware model of releasing a playable level and then ask for payment for extra levels or the complete game. Even this model is probably not commercially viable otherwise there would still be lots of new shareware games being made for the amiga.

If the aim is to make money - then making games for phones is probably a better option.

If the aim is to make a great game for the amiga out of love of the system then making it free and changing the game based on feedback from the community would seem a more realistic option.
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