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Originally Posted by amigapd View Post
What is the motivation for charging for the game - if it is to make money then it is highly unlikely to be a commercial success as even if the game is of good quality it is still only likely to sell in small numbers possibly double figures but not in the 100s or 1000's. This might not even be financially viable if the game is to be packaged in a box on real disks with manuals etc.

I think it is unlikely there will ever be a true AAA game such as SWOS - Chaos Engine - Turrican - Lotus made for the amiga now as those projects needed large teams working on the game for 6 months to a year - such projects are not financially viable and if you are reliant on hobbyist their commitment levels cannot be relied on over such as long period of time.
These days yes, teams of 50 -100

but not for such a simple system such as the Amiga.
Even the biggest games on the Amiga were only made up of about 5 guys.
over about 1 year. don't forget Another World was made by ONE guy. over 2 years.
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