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C64 is the reason why people are negative towards amigas. C64 was publicly known as a machine that looks like a bread box and takes minutes to load programs from casettes, and fail sometimes. I already had a Sega Master System when I had a C64 and compared the two, C64 lost miserably. On the other hand, I wasn't very content with SMS either. I was extremely disappointed when I saw it was a low resolution machine, compared to the games I played on Arcades, these reasons combined I loved my Amiga the day I got it! But again, C64 doesn't bring many cool memories to me either. Additionally, AmigaOne is planned to gain a new user base in a competitive market, while I find it funny it's the fact. On the other hand C1 is the scene machine with less financial hopes. This makes the C1 brand somehow friendlier than A1 though.
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