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More slogans

[Delight - DLT]
Unlimited Pleasure
Delight Unlimited!
Crime is Art ! and Art is Crime... (full slogan)
Cracked for Ure Pleasure
Cracked to Perfection, Not As Your Version
Beyond The Edge!
Delight: Makes Ur Penis Stand With...
For Fun Not Status (both used by Anthrox and Delight)
Always For Fun
Hello Software Companies, Delight Attempted to Your Protection
Beware in The Galaxy
Big Delight Is Watching You!
Delight: Decided to Release More and More - This Time:
No Brain No Hope!
Fuck Your Mother, You'll Get Some Brothers!
How High Can You Fly!?

[Millenium & Delight - MLD]
The Kings of Crime
Beyond the Reach of Human Range, A Bit of Evil, A Touch of Strange! (stolen from Paradox)

A Game Worth Playing Is A Game Worth Buying (best slogan ever)

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