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I couldn't figure out how to change SCSI ID, but i got UAE to read the SD, by altering the scsi.device string.

I made 3 partitions and mounted the SD in the amiga hereafter.

The amiga still reads the SD as "SCSI 0 0 UNKNOWN", disregarding everything done via UAE.

I gathered that it might be because of making the disk using the UAE controller in UAE, instead of something amiga-native, according to some messageboards.

Instead, i tried the update for HDToolBox (From Tony Wilen's post), using a hex editor.

This yelded some results in shape of "auto detect device type" gathered some new info!

The manufacturer was now "ITGO" and Drive Name was now "POWERED BY WWW.P"

But the registered size was still 3mb. (Was 1.8Gb in UAE)

Am i correct, when i suspect that this is something closely related to the "scsi.device" string needing to be something else?

After trying my luck with partitioning the 3mb on the amiga - and failing, i put back the SD to UAE, and discovered that the card was configured exactly the same as when it was set up using UAE.

i.e. The things done on original amiga hardware didn't touch any of the data on the card.

Is my adapter broken in some way?

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